Exploring Maternal Mortality in Roman Egypt

March 17, 2023

Hello! If you’re seeing this page, it’s because you either a) scanned the QR Code on my conference poster, or b) follow my blog. Either way, welcome 😊 

This post is about my latest research project: “Exploring Maternal Health and Mortality in Roman Egypt (50 – 350 CE): A case study from Kellis 2 (Dakhleh Oasis)”, with Dr. Lana J. Williams & Dr. Sandra M. Wheeler at the University of Central Florida. Below is a PDF of our research poster. 
This poster, and the research therein, represents the first stage into a broader research project investigating maternal health and mortality at Kellis 2, a Roman-Period site in the Dakhleh Oasis of Western Egypt.

This project aims to do this through a multi-faceted approach to health and mortality at the site, through the integration of paleodemographic, osteological, and mortuary evidence at the site. The application of the mentioned paleodemographic estimators are the first part of this, and as such, results remain tentative at this stage. Nonetheless, the results of the present analyses provide an intriguing look into maternal mortality in the ancient world.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to reach out, either through this website, or via my Twitter
== UPDATE 29/03/2023 ==

The presentation at the 2023 UCF Student Scholar Symposium went really well! I got to speak to many people, both in anthropology and from other disciplines, about ancient maternal mortality.

Our research was so well received that it was awarded a Judge's Choice Award in the Graduate category for my session! It was an honor to receive the award, and I look forward to moving onto the next stage of research for this project over the summer!

Image of myself standing in front of my poster at the 2023 UCF Student Scholar Symposium

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