Below is a list of my key research interests.
Investigating Personhood and Identity in the Past 
My primary research interest is in reconstructing elements of personhood and identity in the past. Both personhood and identity are core aspects of a person's social and cultural ‘self’, which can have tangible impacts on a person's wellbeing, agency, and lived experiences.  I am especially interested in reconstructing aspects of personhood and identity regarding fetuses and infants, gender and sexuality, and disability.

Integrative Approaches 
As a bioarchaeologist, I am keenly interested in how different methodologies can be used in tandem to reconstruct different aspects of life, culture, and society in the past. Some of the methodologies and theories I have experience with include osteological analysis, stable isotope analysis, paleopathology, mortuary archaeology, paleodemography and paleoepidemiology, ethnography, and oral history.  In the future, I hope to determine how these methods (and others) may be combined to create more nuanced images of life in the past.
Human Evolution 
One of my very first research interests that drew me to anthropology in the first place is human evolution. In particular, I am interested in the emergence of various aspects of complex behaviour, hominid sexual dimorphism, hominin taxonomy, and the use and development of technologies that allow for improved open access to hominin remains. 
Science Communication and Social Justice 
Science communication and social justice are incredibly important to me, both as an individual and as an academic. I am passionate about science communication and community archaeology, and the ways in which professionals working within history disciplines can better interact and communicate with the public at large.  Additionally, I strongly believe that archaeology and biological anthropology have the potential to contribute meaningful dialogue to current social justice struggles and movements, and that, wherever possible, we should do so. 

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