May 08, 2023

After 20 months of hard work, I can finally announce that I have officially graduated from the University of Central Florida with my M.A. in Anthropology!

Final thesis title: "Investigating mobility across the life course through stable isotope analysis at the Early Medieval site of Berettyóújfalu Somata, Hungary"
A screenshot of the thesis submission page.
It's been an incredibly hard road, and in many ways I can't believe we got here. 
Like any great journey, this thesis is the result of the efforts of dozens of people besides myself. It would not exist if not for the support of the following people.
  • My thesis committee members: Dr. J. Marla Toyne, Dr. John Schultz, Dr. Tamás Hajdu & Dr. Sarah Freidline.
  • Dr. Lana Williams & Dr. Emily Zavodny, who both mentored me during my time at UCF.
  • Hannah Pytleski & Jonny Barkmeier, who both assisted with laboratory preparation of samples.
  • Charlotte, who helped me create maps in ArcGIS.
  • My new-found family in Orlando: Cee, Mel, Nathan, Hannah, Steph, Megann, Caroline, Brenna, Eun, Jessie, Whitney, Rachael, Muna, & Nico
  • All of those back home, who never stopped supporting me, even from 15,200 kilometers away: Sammy, Nanny, Deda, Grandpa, Phillipa, Hayley, Caitlin, Bee, Anson, & Britta.
At the moment, I'm working hard on the draft journal article this will turn into. Additionally, the entire thesis will be open access through UCF STARS in August 2024. If you have any questions about my thesis, research, or experience in the Anthro department at UCF, please reach out!


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